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Improved decision making with realtime data monitoring

Cost Savings

Our software platform provides you with the information you need to save money in the following ways:

  • Sell your animals at exactly the right time to reduce your costs and increase profits.

  • Optimise your animals' diet based on realtime performance information from your animals. 

Illness Identification

Early detection of illness is one of the most important benefits that our platform can offer farmers. Our software tracks your animal's daily activities and identifies abnormalities early to give you more time to take proactive actions.

Advanced Decision Making

Sell your stock at exactly the right time. Our data provides you with confidence that you are selling your animals just when they have reached their full potential.

Flexible & Tough

Whether its in the field or in the shed, the BovineHub has been designed to withstand anything that every day life on the farm can throw at it. It was designed to 



Beef Cattle Management Software


Data collected by the BovineHub is transmitted to the cloud, analyzed and sent directly to your computer.

Our cattle tracking software auto-generates graphs to present both individual animal weights and combined herd weights - enabling you to make strategic livestock management decisions. This is Digital Farming.


Reseller's Bundle

Interesting in using locally sourced steelwork?

Cost Savings

​We are always looking to develop relationships with potential new manufacturing partners to fabricate and market our livestock weighing systems.
If you are an agricultural equipment manufacturer or distributor and are interested in joining the Digital Farming Revolution, please reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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